One helluva party!

Thank you to our sponsors and working families who turned out! Over 2,500 strong. Please mark you calendar for Monday September 5, 2016 when the Labor Day Music Fest returns!

WCA 2O15 Social Innovation Summit

On April 11th, 2015 Working Californians hosted our 2nd Annual Social Innovation Summit at LA Trade Tech. The event was a one day business school for working people that featured Secretary of State Alex Padilla and the Honorable Antonio Villaraigosa as well as prominent entrepreneurial experts from New Orleans, Detroit and local universities. The goal of this annual Summit to jump start socially innovative small business creation in Los Angeles’ urban corridors. To learn more about the previous Summit and next year’s summit please visit:

Piece of Advice for Entrepreneurs: Antonio Villaraigosa

Piece of Advice for Entrepreneurs: Artina McIntosh, LATTC

Piece of Advice for Entrepreneurs: Karla Henderson, Ponyride Detroit

WCA 2O14 Union Jobs Expo & Celebration

IBEW Local 18 joined with BHCP Live! and over 10 local unions to host a job expo and graduation ceremony for over 200 of IBEW Local 18 trainees. Musical talents Masta and the Edge of Soul and the Michael Ward band as well as Congresswoman Karen Bass, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, the Los Angeles Urban League and Repower LA also joined the celebration.

WCA 2O14 Social Innovation Tour

Featuring Grammy and Billboard Award Winning Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra

City Hall

The Los Angeles City Council honored Mayfield for his work in jump-starting the creative arts industry in New Orleans.


Mayfield discussed his work promoting the overall role creative arts play in economic development and rebuilding efforts in communities, specifically in New Orleans and Detroit.


Over 300 hundred students from across the city of Los Angeles had the chance of a lifetime to view a live performance with GRAMMY Award winning trumpeter Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra.


Mayfield addressed leaders from Southern California on ways to position Los Angeles as the creative sector’s global leader while highlighting local policies that lead to growth and job creation.