Our Mission

We believe social entrepreneurship is the source of America’s next economic revolution, a mandate for doing well by doing good. This is the heart of our purpose and the soul of our work.

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Over one–third of California's GDP is produced in the Los Angeles–Long Beach–Santa Ana metropolitan area

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California ranks 3rd in start-ups and 1st in new branches in high-tech manufacturing.

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Get this, California ranked 1st among 50 states in patents issued in 2010 with 30,080 patents granted.

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Our Issues

Visionary business people should be rewarded while at the same time improving working conditions for all: It is a virtuous circle to spur both industry and consumption.
Reconnecting working people and the business world is at the heart of our purpose: Going beyond the bottom line to develop strategies that support the idea of doing well by doing good.
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It is our civic responsibility and social mandate to contribute to the policy discussion of Los Angeles, fostering conscientious innovation on behalf of the greater good.
Performance, Art
Cultural moments and inspiring events can be just as important for the community as smart policies and programs. WCA strives to unite performance, art and action to improve the community for working families.