Unique LA

Iconic Los Angeles has a lot to show for itself. Besides the Hollywood sign having an IMDB profile that young actors can only dream of, both the entertainment and tourism industries are key economic drivers for the region.

Did you know that in the last year, the tourism industry was responsible for 30.5 billion in economic impact and over 324,000 jobs? One in every ten jobs in LA is related to tourism and hospitality. That’s no small gain.

As the entertainment capital of the world, LA’s entertainment industry accounts for $48 billion in direct sales annually.  

Working Californians is proud to partner with these vibrant markets in all their iconic, touristy and sun-drenched glory because these industries shine a spotlight on our region.

We Are Working Californians

I grew up in LA. I went to Huntington Park High School. After college didn’t work out,  I tried several things—security work, delivery driver, telemarketing. I was kind of in limbo. But once I joined IBEW, I never looked back. Currently I’m a sound and communications general foreman and an instructor at the Electrical Training Institute in Commerce. I’m working at the LAX at Tom Bradley terminal right now. As an instructor I teach first year apprentices math, electrical theory, DC theory, structure and cabling.  I’m also the chapter president of the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus. We do community outreach, go to career fairs, community centers  and churches in the community.  I’ve been married since 2004 and my daughter is 8. I don’t know where I  would be if I hadn’t joined the IBEW. I’m proud to be a Working Californian.

Being an IBEW member and a Working Californian means everything to me. Mainly, it means I have a great job where I can earn a livable wage.  I got my start in in a funny way, I guess. After high school I went to beauty school and was cutting hair. That was good but I got pregnant in 1994 and the rate of pay and benefits were something I really had to pay attention to. I was actually cutting the hair of an IBEW apprentice and he was telling me about the work he was doing. I always liked to tinker with electronics, take apart radios and that kind of thing. So I was very interested. I’ve had pretty steady income ever since, give or take some tough times. I get to meet a lot of people and continue to learn about my trade while having healthcare and stability. I’m a single mother and I was able to raise my daughter on my own. I’m proud to be a Working Californian.

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